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  • Pazar Yeri, Alinda
  • Yörük Geçidi, Kullar
  • Çam Fıstığı Ağaçları
  • Bağarcık'da sabah ışıkları
  • Bafa Gölü ve Kapıkırı
  • Herakleia antik kenti
  • Bizans dönemi freskleri
  • Neolitik Dönem Duvar Resimleri
  • Kayabükü yakınlarında
  • Taş Döşeli Yol, Kargıcak yakınları
  • Çomakdağ Kadınları
  • Labraunda
  • Labraunda

Carian Trail - Latmos Mountains


Carian trail is named after the Carian civilization discovering a region rich in ancient ruins and history, stone paved caravan roads and mule path connecting villages from the coast to a mountaineous hinterland. Pine forest cloak mountain slopes with olive terraces and almond grove in the valley's make up an important part of the regions economy. The trail acceses a lesser known and unspoilt region full of colour and tradition along with spectacular scenery.

This new walking tour explores the Carian hinterland hiking through the Latmos mountains along Turkey’s newest and longest walking path ‘The Carian Trail’.


OPTIONAL DAY - Guided tour of Ephesus; Turkey’s most popular ancient site and city port of historical and religious importance.

DAY 1. Transfer from Izmir (airport) to Selçuk

Overnight hotel, Selçuk

DAY 2. Transfer Selçuk –Karpuzlu

EXPLORE ALINDA. Starting from the upper levels of the city, we explore the ancient city on foot descending to the massive three storey agora. Walking into the small town of Karpuzlu for lunch before continuing our journey to the foothills of the Latmos Mountains. Transfer Karpuzlu-Kullar

HIKE Kullar-Bağarcık 8.8km (3hrs)
From the valley, we rise through a mystical landscape of umbrella pines and boulder fields to the mountain village of Bağarcık.

Overnight Camp Bağarcık

DAY 3. HIKE Bağarcık- Kapıkırı 17.1km (6.5hrs)

The trail ascends through the forest past a temple of Zeus joining an ancient stone laid road. From the pass the path descends through a maze of boulders, one of which was home to Saint Paul the younger who lived as a recluse in the rock cut grotto. We lunch at Hatice’s house in the pasture of Pinarcık before descending along the ancient way down to the shores of Lake Bafa and the ancient ruins of Heracleia. Our walk finishes in the traditional village of Kapıkırı set amongst Hellenistic and Roman period temples.

Overnight pension Kapıkırı

DAY 4. HIKE Karahıyıt-Golyaka-Kapıkırı 8.6km (3.5hrs)

After a short transfer to the village of Karahıyıt our walk winds through the boulder fields above the shore of the lake. Hidden beneath the boulders are rock cut grottoes with cave paintings dating to the Neolithic era (circa 5500 BCE) proving human habitation going back over 7000 years. The trail continues to the numerous arches of the Yediler Monastery where frescoes can be seen as wellas fantastic views across the lake. The path descends to the village of Gölyaka and continues along the lake shore to explore the ruins of Heracleia.

In the afternoon there is the chance to take an optional boat tour on the lake to visit some of the ruined islets and get close to some of the numerous birdlife.

Overnight pension Kapıkırı

DAY 5. HIKE Karahıyıt-Sakarkaya-Kayabükü 16.8km (7hrs)

The walk rises through cultivated gardens into pine forest and over a pass before descending to the main village of Sakarkaya. The trail then undulates through diverse terrain in the foothills of the Latmos mountains to the village hamlet of Kayabükü. 
Short transfer takes us to the interesting and trraditional village of Çomakdağ.

Overnight village house Çomakdağ.

DAY 6. HIKE Çomakdağ-Ketendere-Sarıkaya-Kargıcak 15.9km (7hrs)

The trail undulates through olive terraces on stone laid path connecting the traditional villages of the South Aegean. Fantastic views look down over the Milasian plain and many wild flowers (springtime) colour the landscape as the path winds cuts across lush meadow and pasture.
After a short transfer we arrive at our camp near the ruins of Labraunda.

Overnight camp.

DAY 7. HIKE-Ilamet-Labraunda-Kırcağız 16.2km (6hrs)

Our hike ascends from the village hamlet of Ilamet to the ruins of Labraunda. After a comprehensive tour of the sacred site we descend through forest on footpath in the direction of Milas. Beautiful countryside and stunning views accompany the walker down to the olive mills of Kırcağız.
A short transfer takes us to our hotel in Milas.

Overnight hotel Milas.

DAY 8. Transfer out (Bodrum Airport 18km)


INCLUDED: All transport during the walking program including main airport transfer, 7 nights accommodation (2 nights camping), Bed and breakfast, 6 x lunch, bottled water, entrance fees to historical sites, guide.

NOT INCLUDED: Evening meals; guide will arrange group meals at a variety of restaurants, drinks at hotels or restaurants.


Hiking boots or strong shoes with good tread and ankle support, shorts and t-shirt (warm weather), fleece, waterproofs, day pack (35ltr. + -), walking trousers, long sleeved top, sun protection- hat, sunglasses, sun cream, insect repellant, walking poles recommended,
beach towel, swim kit.


Our private minibus and driver are accompanying us throughout the tour.
Main Baggage is transferred on to next nights' accommodation


In April daytime temps reach the low twenties (centigrade), mostly sunny but still chances of rain. In May the temperature rises to late twenties and less chance of rain.
Evenings can still be quite cool in early April.

From mid September through October, mainly sunny day with temps in mid twenties and warm evenings cooling down later in the season.


4 nights in good standard hotels, 2 nights camping and 1 night village house


Walking hours include breaks and lunch stops, distances range from 9-16km. On many days there is an option for individuals to walk less distance...





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